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Tertiary Statistics are Characteristics that are varied and derived from several Primary Characteristics.

  • Life Points

Life Points indiate a person's reistance to wounds and the amount of damage he can suffer before receiving a fatal wound. When a character reaches 0 hp, he might die (see Between Life and Death).

Life Points are based on Constitution. The base number for all living beings is 20, to which you add your Constitution score multiplied by 10 and add or subtract your Constitution Modifier. To this total, you add your Class bonus. You can also add your Constitution score to your Life Point total by paying DP equal to Life Point Multiple of that class.

  • Initiative

A character's Initiative is her reaction speed in combat, or to events around her. The base initiative of a character is 20 (10 for Big creatures). Then add the Dexterity and Agility Modifiers to that score. Finally, add the class bonus to Initiative. This is your base Initiative.

Your initiative may be increased or decreased depending on the armor and shield you use, as well the weapon you are using that round. If you fight unarmed, or use supernatural powers, you gain a +20 Initiative in that round. So, you might very well have multiple Initiative bonuses depending on what attack you use.

For instance, a 3rd level Warlock with 8 Dexterity (+10), 6 Agility (+5) and using a Halberd in battle (wearing no armor and using no shield) has a base Initiative of 20 + 10 + 5 + 15 from his level, for a total of +50. In the first round he casts a spell to increase his armor in combat. He has an initiative bonus of +70 (+20 unarmed). In the second round he wades into melee and strikes his opponent with his Halberd, which has an initiative modifier of -15. He has an Initiative bonus of +35 for that round.

  • Movement Speed

A character's movement speed equals her Agility score. It determines the maximum speed a character can run at. It can be reduced by several conditions, such as wounds, terrain, and armor. Terrain may impose a penalty to movement speed, ranging from 1 to 3, chosen by the Game Master.

For a Speed score of 11 or higher to be effective, a character needs the Inhuman quality (see Ki Dominion). To enjoy the benefits of a Speed score of 14 or higher, the Zen quality is needed.

Special : Any entity or character with a movement speed of 20 can move anywhere on Gaïa in one turn.

Speed Distance Speed Distance
1 3 feet 11 130 feet
2 15 feet 12 160 feet
3 25 feet 13 250 feet
4 50 feet 14 500 feet
5 65 feet 15 800 feet
6 70 feet 16 1,500 feet
7 80 feet 17 3,000 feet
8 90 feet 18 3 miles
9 105 feet 19 15 miles
10 115 feet 20 Special

  • Fatigue

A character's total Fatigue score is equal to his Constitution score.

Characters can use Fatigue to improve physical action checks by +15. Any Secondary Ability using Strength or Agility can be improved this way as can Primary Abilities using Dexterity and Agility, except for Magic or Psychic Projection, which are not physical actions. Fatigue can also be spend to improve any Strength, Dexterity, or Agility Characteristic Check. Every point spent grants a bonus of 1 to that Attribute. A character can only spend 2 points of Fatigue this way per turn, but they need not be on the same action.

Characters can also use Fatigue to improve a character's Supernatural Abilities. Each point spent this way increases a character's MA by +15 or increases a character's Ki Accumulation by +1, both for 1 turn only.

If a character's Fatigue Points reach 4 or less, he begins to suffer exhaustion. Characters with a natural Fatigue score of 4 or less, do not suffer these penalties until he spends at least one point of Fatigue.

Fatigue Penalty
0 -120
1 -80
2 -40
3 -20
4 -10

As a character moves for an extended time, he loses Fatigue as he tires. Walking for 6 hours, or marching for 2 hours causes a character to lose 1 Fatigue. While running at a speed of 2 below his maximum causes him to lose 1 Fatigue per 10 minutes of running. An Athleticism check of Moderate Difficulty causes him to lose Fatigue per 20 minutes of running. While running at maximum speed, a character loses 1 Fatigue per 5 Combat Turns. Again, Athleticism checks can double this to 10 Combat Turns.

  • Weight Index

This represents the weight someone can carry. It depends on the character's Strength. The Natural Weight amount represents the weight a character can lift without effort. Lifting anyhting above that weight diminishes the character's Movement Speed by 2. The Maximum Load amount represents the weight a character can lift before exhausting himself. Carrying anything over that amount reduces his Movement Speed by 5 and causes him to lose 1 point of Fatigue per turn.

To have a Weight Index over 10 you need the Inhuman quality (see Ki Dominion) and to have a Weight Index over 13 you need the Zen quality.

Special : A creature with Weight Index 20 can carry any mass if standing on something to support him doing so.

Weight Index Natural Weight Maximum Load
1 5 pounds 10 pounds
2 10 pounds 20 pounds
3 20 pouinds 40 pounds
4 30 pounds 90 pounds
5 50 pounds 130 pounds
6 90 pounds 260 pounds
7 130 pounds 400 pounds
8 175 pounds 575 pounds
9 220 pounds 770 pounds
10 330 pounds 925 pounds
11 440 pounds 1,300 pounds
12 770 pounds 1 Ton
13 1 Ton 3 Tons
14 5 Tons 25 Tons
15 15 Tons 100 Tons
16 100 Tons 500 Tons
17 500 Tons 2,500 Tons
18 1,000 Tons 10,000 Tons
19 10,000 Tons 150,000 Tons
20 Special Special

  • Presence and Resistances

Every being and even every object in the world has a Presence score. This is the sum of all the existential aspects of a character, or a measure of his physical and psychological development. A character's presence is its total DP divided by 20, or to make it easier, a 1st level character has a Presence score of 30 and increases it by 5 per level it gains in a class. Presence generally has no effect on the game, with the exception of certain supernatural powers or spells that only affect a certain amount of Presence in creatures and/or objects.

A character's or object's Presence is also its base Resistance, which it uses to stave off disease, the effects of poisons, and even supernatural attacks. There are five Resistances, each equal to the sum of Presence and a single Primary Attribute Modifier.

  • Physical Resistance (PhR) : a character's tolerance for damage and physical shock. It is rolled to stay conscious and to resist the effects of Critical Hits. It is based on Constitution.
  • Disease Resistance (DR) : a character's ability to avoid falling ill. It is based on Constitution.
  • Venom Resistance (VR) : a character's resistance to poison, venom, and toxins. It is based on Constitution.
  • Magic Resistance (MR) : a character's ability to resist the effect of spells or supernatural attacks. It is based on Power.
  • Psychic Resistance (PsR) : a character's ability to resist psychic attacks or mind-altering effects. It is based on Willpower.