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Subterfuge is based on deception and the ability to act without being detected.

  • Disguise (Dexterity)
    • The ability to change one's apparent identity, through the use of clothing, wigs, and make-up.
    • The ability to imitate a certain type of person, or a specific individual.
    • Opposed to Notice and Search checks, which must beat the Disguise result by 80 and 20, respectively. If the opposing character is familiar with the imitated person, cut these numbers in half, to 40 and 10.
Situation Modifier
Less than one minute preparation -20
Over one hour preparation +20
Several hours preparation +40
Without materials for disguise -40
Improvised disguise material -20
Appropriate materials +20
Prepared makeup and materials +40
  • Hide (Perception, Armor)
    • The ability to remain undetected by others, or to hide objects carried by the character.
    • Opposed to Notice and Search checks, which must beat the Hide result by 80 and 20 points, respectively.
Situation Modifier
Large Size -20
Small Size -20
Done in front of someone -200
Appropriate hiding place +40
Shadowy area +20
Well-lit area -20
Empty room or featureless area -80
  • Lock Picking (Dexterity)
    • The ability to open or secure all types of locks or similar mechanics for which they have no key.
    • You need a lockpick to perform this Ability, or the character suffers a -40 penalty.
  • Poisons (Intelligence, Knowledge)
    • The knowledge of poisons and their use.
    • The knowledge of antidotes to poisons.
    • The ability to mix and match ingredients, creating poisons.
Final Ability Poison Level
40 Level 10
80 Level 20
120 Level 30
160 Level 40
200 Level 50
240 Level 60
280 Level 70
320 Level 80
440 Level 90
  • Stealth (Agility, Armor)
    • The ability to move, climb, or do any action without being noticed, and in complete silence.
    • The ability to erase tracks, in which case it is directly opposed by the Track ability of pursuers.
    • To move silently, you must subtract 4 from your Movement Speed or suffer a -80 penalty to the check.
    • Opposed by Notice checks of observers. Any character that is not alerted of your actions, by succeeding his Notice check or by being alerted by others, is surprised by you.
    • Unlike other Secondary Abilities, a character's Wear Armor Ability will only halve penalties to this skill, no matter how high your Ability is.
  • Theft (Dexterity)
    • The ability to steal small objects without the victim becoming aware of it.
    • Opposed by Notice checks of the target or bystanders (which apply a -40 penalty to such checks).
    • Objects that are in direct contact with a target's skin may inflict modifiers to their Notice checks.
  • Trap Lore (Dexterity)
    • The ability to create, detect, and deactivate traps.
    • The target number needed to create a trap depends on the complexity of the trap and the time invested in creating it.
    • Detecting and deactivating a trap require beating a Difficulty rating one less than was needed to create it. While disabling a trap, you trigger it if you fail the check by 40 or more.
Final Ability Trap Level
20 Level 10
40 Level 20
80 Level 30
120 Level 40
160 Level 50
200 Level 60
240 Level 70
280 Level 80
320 Level 90
440 Level 100
Situation Modifier
Less than one minute preparation -60
Over one hour preparation +0
One day of preparation +40
Weeks of preparation +80
Improvised materials -40
Especially prepared materials +40