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The Paths of Magic

  This is the Path that confers dominion over one of the two Higher Elements, pure light. It controls man’s most positive emotions, such as love, peace, and pleasure. Light also regulates knowledge and detection. Its offensive and defensive powers are very balanced. The Path opposed to Light is Darkness.

  Darkness does not govern the absence of light, but rather it manipulates the very power of the shadows. It controls all negative emotions, such as fear, anger, and hatred. It also represents the power of secrets, among which concealment and obfuscation are included. Like Light, its power is very well balanced. The Path opposed to Darkness is Light.

  The power of creation is the magical ability to organize and alter the reality that surrounds spellcasters. These spells are about change, healing, and creating things. It is a distinctly defensive magic. The Path opposed to Creation is Destruction.

  This Path allows the caster to channel the power of the Flow of Souls, turning it against reality itself. These spells affect both the material and spiritual worlds. It is a naturally offensive power. It’s opposed by the Path of Creation.

  The first of the four Lower Elemental Paths rules over high temperatures. These spells generate heat and fire, and they devastate large areas of land. It also contains sacrifice enchantments that consume certain sides of an individual to bring up others in turn. It is a very offensive Path. The Path opposed to Fire is Water.

  This Element hosts a variety of diverging concepts. This is the Path that confers dominion over liquids and the purity of things. It also represents the power of ice and low temperatures. Its power is offensively and defensively balanced. The Path opposed to Water is Fire.

  Earth is the power of the planet, stones, and minerals. It is the most substantial of magics, and it governs the laws of physics – like gravity and magnetism. Its influence over spirits and the immaterial is very limited. Earth spells are the magic of resistance, endurance, and slowness. The Path opposed to Earth is Air.

  This is the Path of the ethereal and incorporeal. It contains movement and speed spells. With its power, space may be altered and bodies may be transported from one place to another. This is also the Path in charge of the weather and electricity. The Path opposed to Air is Earth.

  Essence controls life and souls. This Path has control over spirits and natural beings that belong to the world. It is also the Path of nature and spells of a druidic origin. The Path opposed to Essence is Illusion.

  The power of this Path gives spellcasters control over Deception and Illusion. Spells can alter reality and the way it is perceived. The Path opposed to Illusion is Essence.

  Necromancy is a perversion of magic. While the rest of the Paths derive their power from the network of souls, these spells destroy the essence of life by stagnating and perverting the souls it uses. Its power gives back life to the dead, destroys souls, and drains the life and essence of other beings. Necromancy is opposed to the rest of the magic Paths.