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When Forging (see Creative under Secondary Abilities), you may choose several materials. These materials affect your process and the result of your crafting.

  • Difficulty : Using this material imposes a bonus or penalty to the Final Ability of the Forging check.
  • Quality : This is the limit of the quality of an item Forged with this material.
  • Availability : Common, Uncommon, Rare are the base availability of materials in the world of Anima. Inaccessible materials should be presented with caution, since they are legendary or possibly nonexistant.

List of Materials

  • Stone : this has been one of the oldest materials used to craft tools.
  • Bone : together with Stone, the bone from small animals was one of the first materials used in Forging.
  • Bronze : The earliest alloy to create malleable and light objects. Unfortunately, this material was not very tough.
  • Iron : Still the favorite material to create weapons and armor because of its notable resistance and accessibility.
  • Steel : Of all the common metals, steel is without doubt the best due to its quality and resistance.
  • Black Steel : This rare alloy is incredibly hard and can be recognized by its dark coloring.
  • Illuminatum : This silvery material is mystically created to be molded easily but to turn extremely hard upon cooling.
  • White Steel of Shivat : This whitish metal is found only in the mines of the island of Shivat. It is difficult to work with but the results are often excellent, and the techniques to work it are only given from father to son.
  • Elektra : This rare alloy is formed with equal amountzs of Black and White Steel. The few smiths that can work it guard this secret with zeal. It is usually used by the most powerful organizations.
  • Ghestal Wood : The wood of Ghestal can be harvested from the Ramalen trees of the Duk'zarist, who are the only ones that know how to work the wood. A character can specialize in its use, but is forbidden to use any other materials.
  • Malebolgium : This metal is formed from the bones of ancient dragons. It is incredibly hard to use but can produce items of legendary proportions.
  • Star Metal : This metal, legends say coming from the stars, is believed to be only myth.
Material Difficulty Max Quality Availabilty
Stone -80 +0 Common
Bone -60 +0 Common
Bronze -20 +0 Common
Iron +10 +0 Common
Steel -20 +5 Common
Black Steel +20 +5 Uncommon
Illuminatum +80 +5 Inaccessible
White Steel -40 +10 Uncommon
Elektra +20 +10 Rare
Ghestal Wood -40 +10 Inaccessible
Ghestal Specialized +40 +10 Inaccessible
Malebolgium +20 +15 Inaccessible
Star Metal +80 +15 Inaccessible