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Primary Abilities are the basic combat factulties of a character. They are split up in three categories.

  • Combat Abilities
    • Attack Ability (Dexterity) : the ability to make attacks with weapons, or unarmed strikes
    • Block Ability (Dexterity) : the ability to use a weapon or shield to block incoming attacks
    • Dodge Ability (Agility) : the ability to duck and weave, and avoid incoming attacks
    • Ki : the amount of Ki energy you have stored in your essence (See Ki Dominion)
    • Ki Accumulation : the speed in which you can accumulate stored Ki (See Ki Dominion)
    • Weapon Modules : the training in weapon groups and special fighting styles (See Combat Modules)
    • Martial Arts : knowledge and mastery of various unarmed combat styles (See Combat Modules)
    • Wear Armor (Strength) : the ability to wear heavy armor without penalties.
  • Psychic Abilities
    • Psychic Points : points used to develop and strengthen mental powers (See Psychic Disciplines)
    • Psychic Projection (Dexterity) : the ability to project your mental powers, equivalent to Attack and Block
    • Psychic Potential (Willpower) : the strength of your metal powers (See Psychic Disciplines)
    • Psychic Modules : training in various psychic fighting styles
  • Supernatural Abilities
    • Zeon (Power) : The amount of Zeon you have to fuel spells, like Mana in other games (See Magic)
    • Magic Accumulation (Power) : MA is the speed in which you accumulate Zeon (See Magic)
    • Magic Projection (Dexerity) : the ability to project your powers, equivalent to Attack and Block
    • Summon (Power) : the ability to Summon supernatural creatures to your side
    • Control (Willpower) : the ability to Control supernatural creatures you encounter
    • Bind (Power) : the ability to trap the essence of a supernatural creature
    • Banish (Power) : the ability to expel supernatural beings from this plane of reality
    • Mystical Modules : training in various magical fighting styles

Point Distribution Limits

  • Your Class determines how much it costs to increase these abilities with Development Points, plus grants bonuses to several of these abilities for each level you gain in that class. It also determines the maximum points you may distribute in each field (Combat, Psychic, or Supernatural). Mostly this will be 60% in the fields that are important to that class, and 50% in other fields.

For instance, you can create a Warrior at lvl 1 (600 DP total). The warrior may put 60% (360 DP) in Combat Abilities. It costs him 2 points each to increase Attack, Block, and Dodge.

  • In addition to those Class-based limitations, a character can not spend more than half his DP (50%) on Attack, Block, and Dodge, combined.

He decides to fight with a two-hander and to use the weapon defensively to parry attacks. This means he chooses Block as his defense. However, he cannot spend more than half his DP (300) between Attack, Block, and Dodge. So he distributes that amount between those three abilities, focusing a bit on Attack. He puts 170 points in Attack (85 score) and 130 in Block (65 score).

  • Also, a character can only have a maximum difference between Attack and Block or Dodge (choose one at character creation) of 50 points, after DP distribution and bonuses from class and equipment. A character can choose to ignore this last limitation if he chooses to spend no points at all in Attack or Block and Dodge. In that case, he can only spend one quarter (instead of half) his DP on the other.

He can spend the remaining 60 points he has left for combat abilities in Wear Armor, Modules, or Ki. After adding his Dexterity modifier (+10) and class bonuses (+5 attack and block) he gets to a score of Attack 100 and Block 80. The two are within 50 of each other, so all limits are taken into account.

Alternatively, you could make a Warrior that only focuses on defense and blocking. That warrior could only have put 150 points (one quarter) in Block, and all the rest of his 60% (210 points) in Wear Armor, Modules, and Ki. This would result, with class and Dexterity modifiers, in 90 Block, but no offense. Not an optimal build, but legal.

  • Finally, just as Attack and Block are limited, their supernatural equivalents (Magic Projection and Psychic Projection) are limited to 50% of the total DP for that ability.

A Wizard has a DP total of 360 at character creation (60 % of 600). He can spend 180 DP into Magic Projection, giving him a result of 90 (not counting his Dexterity Modifier).


You can gain mastery in the following Primary Abilities by reaching a score of 200 in it. This has the advantage that from then on out, you only Fumble on a natural roll of 1 or 2.

  • Attack, Block, Dodge
  • Magic Projection
  • Banish, Bind, Control, Summon
  • Psychic Projection