Anima RPG - Beyond Fantasy Wiki

These abilities permit a character to make full use of his five senses and analyze the information obtained.

Sight Modifier
Dimly Lit Area -30
Complete Darkness -60
Rain -20
Target only partially visible -30
Target appropriately campouflaged -30
Target color contrasting with the environment +40
Observing character is alerted +20
Observer with height advantage +30
Hearing Modifier
Slight background noise -20
People speaking -40
Loud no
Smell Modifier
Obvious odor +30
Various smells present -30
Touch Modifier
Wearing gloves -40
Taste Modifier
Previously known taste +40
Inactive palate -40
  • Notice (Perception, Passive)
    • The ability to notice strange things occuring in your environment, or to see fine details others might miss. This Ability deals with all five senses but primarily with Sight and Hearing.
    • When a character's Sight or Hearing is disabled, his Notice bonus is halved.
    • Distracted characters suffer a -20 to -40 penalty when distracted.
  • Search (Perception)
    • The ability to search for some predetermined object or person. The use of this Ability can have different results, such as looking for an object might result in the character finding a switch to a hidden door.
  • Track (Perception)
    • The ability to follow tracks and gather information from those tracks.
    • The ability to orient yourself through the use of landmarks.