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Nephilim (also referred to as Lost Souls in general) is a term used by the Bible. These creatures are humans that possess the reïncarnated soul of an ancient line of supernatural beings. The type of supernatural being determines the effect of the soul on the Nephilim's body and mind. Those souls have a profound effect on the body and minds of their host, and Nephilim all have the possibility to see parts of past lives in their dreams.

Sylvain - These beings are the most numerous Nephilim and are tied to Light and Magic more so than any other being. They are usually attractive

, with fair hair and colored eyes. They resemble elves due to their slighly pointed ears, slight build and limited height. Sylvain never become overweight and live a bit longer than the average human.

Their personality is greatly influenced by their essence, and most spend much time reflecting and meditating upon their own soul, things of beauty, and art and knowledge. They feel a natural antagonism to Darkness and the Duk'zarist, but their human half enables them to find peace with that.

Of all the Nephilim, Sylvain dream the most of their past lives, leaving them feeling out of place somehow. They spend much time traveling to find something to fill this emptiness inside.

  • Exceptional Resistances: +10 MR, +10 PsR, +20 DR, +5 PhR, +5 VR. Sylvain can never take the following Disadvantages: Sickly, Serious Illness, Susceptible to Magic
  • Unbalanced Inclination to Light: +10 to any Resistance roll against Light. Sylvain are prohibited from taking the Elemental Compatibility (Dark) Advantage
  • Quick Healing: Add 1 point to Regeneration
  • Sense Light and Dark: Sylvain can sense the presence of any other Sylvain or Duk'zarist present, as long as they are not hidden by supernatural means.
  • Limited Needs: While they will feel hungry or tired, Sylvain only need half the amount of food and sleep that normal humans do to survive.
  • Immortal Soul: Sylvain suffer a -4 penalty to Experience Points awarded at the end of each session.

{C}Jayan - Jayan were a race of giant humans, and possessed horns and a Third Eye to see spirits with, according to legend. Those Nephilim that enherited a Jayan soul are simple and powerful and their essence influences their bodies more than their minds. Jayans are mostly large size, with overdeveloped muscles. Their skin is often darker, even if their human counterpart comes from a pale-skinned ethnicity.

Although Jayan have a lifespan of a regular human, they do mature rapidly. Some Jayan are born with small bumps on their foreheads that resemble tiny horns. These grow slowly and painfully at about 10 years of age. The echoes of their soul makes them temperamental and violent, and often very stubborn. It is not easy for a Jayan to use their mind to work out a problem, and even more difficult to stray from a chosen path. They tend to be blunt in social situations, but make loyal friends and work well in teams. They prefer manual labor over study.

Most Jayans can see the spirit world and sense supernatural things, but they would rather not. They also ignore any past lives they see in their dreams.

  • Giant: Add 2 points to Size. Jayan cannot reduce their size by Advantages.
  • Withstand Fatigue: Add 1 point to their maximum Fatigue.
  • Resistance to Damage: +15 PhR
  • Uncommon Strength: Add 1 point to Strength. Jayan may never reduce Strength with Disadvantages.
  • Spîritual Vision: When Jayan close their eyes, they can see the supernatural world around them.
  • Susceptibility to Magic: -10 penalty to MR
  • Immortal Soul: Jayan suffer a -3 penalty to Experience Points awarded at the end of each session.

{C}D'Anjayni - This race lived in the shadows of history, noting important occurences, never meddling in human or Nephilim affairs.

D'Anjayni often experience sadness while growing up, and are often left out by other children. They never seem to be remarkably beautiful or ugly, and have a knack of blending in. They have a heightened life span, often living to be a hundred years old. They are calm and peaceful and tend to make long-term goals, in which they invest everything they've got without looking at the time they will have to invest in them. They also like to be well-informed before they act, making them look passive and contemplative.

They are highly individualistic in nature and do not like to work in group. This also makes them loners, cutting any ties with family as they mature. Their dreams of past lives come often but randomly and chaotic.

  • Pass without Trace: -40 penalty to track a barefoot D'Anjayni.
  • Forgetfulness: When a D'Anjayni wishes, he or she may pass unnoticed. People do not remember them clearly, forgetting details of conversations or how they look. To remember a D'Anjayni using this ability clearly, one must succeed at a MR 100 check. This ability is very subtle (Impossible Check DC to detect the magic) but ceases when a D'Anjayni reveals his true name (birth name).
  • Common Appearance: D'Anjayni cannot have Appearance scores below 3 or above 7.
  • Undetectability: +30 bonus to Resistance to detection effects. D'Anjayni have a natural understanding of Ki Concealment, adding +30 to this Ki Ability.
  • Silent Whisper: Anyone trying to overhear a message from a D'Anjayni suffers a -60 Notice penalty.
  • Immortal Soul: D'Anjayni suffer a -3 penalty to Experience Points awarded at the end of each session.

Ebudan - The Ebudan resembled angels covered in tattoos with which they could see future events. Each of them had a distinct purpose in life, which they referred to as their Sue'Aman.

The Ebudan are the least numerous of all Nephilim. They look like muscular humans with deep eyes and fair (commonly white) hair. They are born with markings (seen as birth marks) and receive a few more during adolescence. Their soul still possess their Sue'Aman, driving them to accomplish some divine destiny. Their dreams always relate to this, revealing their purpose as soon as they become adults.

The Ebudan's true powers do not manifest until they have achieved their Sue'Aman.

  • Or'inie: This is the birth mark Ebudan are born with. It protects them against effects that may cause them to forget or control them against fulfillment of their Sue'Aman (+30 Resistance bonus). This effect ends when their Sue'Aman is fulfilled.
  • Celestial Essence: As soon as the Sue'Aman is fulfilled, the Ebudan becomes Invulnerable to any natural attack that cannot damage energy.
  • Seraphim Wings: As soon as the Sue'Aman is fulfilled, the Ebudan gains a pair of luminous wings, granting him Flight Value 12. They can summon these wings at will, taking a whole turn.
  • Immortal Soul: Ebudan suffer a -3 penalty to Experience Points awarded at the end of each session.

Daimah - Seen as ancient forest spirits by sages, their essence is bound to nature itself. They have almond-shaped pupils, often looking cat-like. Their hair grows unruly, and males often have pronounced side-burns that will not grow back once shaved. They possess slightly pointed ears with small tufts of hair on the top. They generally possess slender and small builds and live as long as normal humans.

Daimah are funloving and active beings that hate violence and rarely get angry. They are very curious and have trouble maintaining boundries with friends. They also have a short attention span and shift interests easily. When they embark on new adventures, they tend to plan as little as possible, going on pure luck alone. They like to explore and experience new things, and love forests and woodlands.

Daimah rarely dream of past lives, but when they do, their curiosity drives them to find out more.

  • See the Essence: Daimah automatically see the elemental and spiritual ties of a being. This innate detection can be avoided with a MR check of 140.
  • Sense the Forest: They sense the feelings of nature, detecting fear, calm, and other general emotions.
  • Nature's Cure: While in a forest, a Daimah gains 3 points to its regeneration.
  • Movement in the Forest: Daimah never suffer penalties from undergrowth in forests.
  • Small Size: subtract 1 from their Size characteristic.
  • Immortal Soul: Daimah suffer a -2 penalty to Experience Points awarded at the end of each session.

Duk'zarist - Also calles 'shadow souls' by sages, these Nephilim descend from a race whose nature was tied to the Dark. They never were with many, so their Nephilim progeny is the fewest in number of all Nephilim.

Duk'zarist are always physically attractive, and somewhat tall. Just as the Sylvain, they never grow fat. Duk'zarist are typically very pale-skinned, with hair that can be both dark or greyish white. Allthough they have the same life span as humans, they tend to stay young and vibrant well to the end of their lives, after which they age rapidly.

Duk'zarist souls influence them most strongly then any other Nephilim and they adopt the code of conduct they followed in their former lives on a subconscious level. They are extremely competitive in their fields of interest and are attracted to strength and physical prowess. They find it hard to ask for help or to admit a task is beyond their ability, are very individualistic but like others around them, especially those they find attractive or talented. They have a natural inclanation to plot and manipulate but are also very impatient.

They are often plagued by dreams of their past lives but most of the time, it just makes them feel uncomfortable. They are much more able to ignore these dreams then their Sylvain opposites.

  • Exceptional Resistances: +15 MR, PsR, DR, VR and +20 PhR for males; +15 PhR, PsR, DR, VR and +20 MR for females. They cannot take any Disadvantages that reduces Resistances.
  • Unbalanced Inclination to the Dark: +10 Resistance to Dark effects. They cannot choose the Elemental Compatibility (Light) Advantage
  • Withstand Death: Duk'zarist automatically succeed any checks to stay alive while Between Life and Death.
  • Quick Healing: add 1 point to Regeneration
  • Sense Light and Dark: Sylvain can sense the presence of any other Sylvain or Duk'zarist present, as long as they are not hidden by supernatural means.
  • Limited Needs: Duk'zarist need much less rest and nourishment than any other race; they can survive on one-third the sleep and food required by humans.
  • Night Vision: Reduce any penalty from darkness by half.
  • Devotion to Fire: If a Duk'zarist develops mental abilities, they must purchase Pyrokinesis first.
  • Perfect Bodies: A Duk'zarist cannot choose any disadvantage regarding a physical handicap.
  • Allergic to Metal: If a Duk'zarist comes into contact with metal (or cold iron), he must make a Presence check of 60 (or 80) or suffer an All Action Penalty equal to the margin of failure. These penalties disappear at a rate of 10 per minute.
  • Immortal Soul: Duk'zarist suffer a -5 penalty to Experience Points awarded at the end of each session.