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Martial Arts (Dominus Exxet)[]

Dominus Exxet introduces an alternative system for the using and learning of martial arts that allows for the gradual improvement of abilities of characters who specialize in unarmed combat. Instead of there being only a single level of knowledge for a martial art, each one of them is divided into different degrees: three for basic ones and two for advanced ones. These indicate the various levels of ability that a fighter can attain when using martial arts and the steps that he has to follow to perfect his style. The more his abilities grow, the greater his knowledge and the greater the advantages and benefits that are provided by the styles that he knows. When a character wishes to learn a basic martial art, first he must learn it at the Base Degree, which is the minimum level of knowledge necessary to use the martial art. Next, once the character has fulfilled the various requirements, he can continue to the Advanced Degree and the Supreme Degree. The advanced martial arts work in a similar way, although given their complexity, they have only two degrees: Base and Arcane. Naturally, it is always necessary to master the inferior degree of knowledge of a certain style to advance to the next higher one.If a Game Master does not wish to use this system, he may ignore the existence of the Base and Supreme Degrees of the martial arts, as the benefits of the Advanced Degree of the following styles are always the equivalent of those of the martial arts that appear in Anima: Beyond Fantasy.[1]

Cost of Martial Arts:[]

Basic Martial Art Cost Cost for Tao
Base Degree 20/10 10/5
Advanced Degree 30/15 10/5
Supreme Degree 50/25 20/10
Advanced Martial Art Cost Cost for Tao
Base Degree 50 20
Arcane Degree 50 20

Above are tables displaying the costs of each degree of martial arts in DP. The value that appears after the slash in the 'Costs'/'Cost for Tao' column corresponds to the cost of the first style that a character masters if he learns it in the place of his first weapon.

As with the original system for martial arts in Anima: Beyond Fantasy,  a character is free to combine the advantages of any martial art with those of another one, choosing the benefits that interest him the most from each one he knows. For example, a character that knew Shotokan, Lama, and Kempo could benefit from the Damage of Shotokan, the advantage of additional attacks from Kempo, and the elimination of defense penalties of Lama. All the special bonuses to Attack Ability, Block, and Dodge are also cumulative, both with respect to different martial arts and different degrees of the same style:a character who reaches the Advanced Degree in Shotokan receives a bonus of +10 to his unarmed Attack Ability (a +5 for the Base Degree and another +5 for Advanced). These bonuses are added like innate bonuses for class when the martial art style is mastered, and they count towards the maximum limit of +50 in innate bonuses.[1]

Note: These bonuses can stack with each other presumably so that Tao can gain attack/defense with innate bonuses like other classes would through leveling. If one were to learn Dumah and Velez, it is possible to hit 140 attack/120 defense by level 2, albeit at the expense of what most would consider 5 levels of innate bonuses.

Basic Martial Arts:[]

Advanced Martial Arts:[]

  • EMP
  • Selene
  • Suyanta
  • Velez
  • Asakusen
  • Lama Tsu
  • Seraphite
  • Melkaiah
  • Dumah
  • Mushin
  • Hakyoukuken
  • Shephon
  • Enuth
  • Hanja
  • Godhand
  • Rex Frame
  • Exelion


Weapons in Martial Arts[]

Sometimes, some martial arts practitioners also train in the use of certain weapons, allowing practitioners to use them effectively in combat. Thus, certain weapons (like nunchakus, tonfa, war fans, etc.) are generally associated with certain fighting styles. In these cases, a character can wield these weapons and apply the bonuses to Attack and Defense that the martial arts provide, just as he does when fighting unarmed. Note that only the bonuses to combat ability (from the Bonus and Master Bonus sections) apply when a practitioner uses one of these weapons, not any of the other associated advantages of the martial art. That is to say, although a character who knows Kempo or Kung Fu can use nunchakus or a war fan with his full ability, he cannot carry out additional attacks while applying only a –10 from the use of Kempo nor add the variable bonus of +10 from Kung Fu.

A character does not need to know how to handle any of the weapons associated with a martial art to be able to learn that martial art. If, once the martial art is known, he wants to use it with its weapons, he may invest the necessary Development Points (DP), as if he acquired a general Weapons Module. Characters of the Tao class can acquire Weapons Modules for the styles they know for only half the DP.


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