Anima RPG - Beyond Fantasy Wiki
  1. Distribute 100 DP between Primary and Secondary Abilities, just as you did during Character Creation
  2. If it is an even level, add +1 to any Primary Characteristic
  3. Add a new natural bonus to one Secondary Ability
  4. Add any new class innate bonuses for the level
  5. Increase Tertiary Statistics with Class bonuses

Changing Classes

To change your class, you must first invest time : declare you want to change your class to another one, then wait 2 levels.

You play a Warrior, but want to change your class to Tao, learning how to fight with bare fists. You are now level 3. You can take your first level in Tao at level 5.

To change your class, you must also invest training and experience : spend DP. If the change in classes happens within an Archetype, you have to spend 20 DP. If one of the two classes are mixed but have one Archetype in common, you have to spend 40 DP. If the two classes belong to other Archetypes, you spend 60 DP. You can spend these DP at any level between choosing the class change and the actual change itself, or even divide them over those levels.

You have made up your mind, and looking at the two classes, you see that the Warrior is a Fighter Archetype, and the Tao is a mixed Fighter and Domine Archetype. This means you have to spend 40 DP. To make that pill a little less bitter, you decide to spend 20 DP next level, and 20 DP on the level you take your first Tao level.

Note that the Freelancer class has the unique ability of changing to or from for only 20 DP, as if he shares his Archetype with every other class.