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Origin of Ki[]

Ki is a force present in all forms of life. When the soul penetrates a living organism at the time of its birth, it impregnates all of its being and becomes one with it. even though all things possess a spirit, only those beings truly alive completely blend their body and soul. If a stone breaks it in half, its soul divides int two. When a living creature dies, the spirit is separated from the body

When souls cling to their earthly abode, they impregnate it with their essence, thus creating the physical energy we call Ki. Such force depends exclusively on the fusion of body and spirit, and spirit, and so it flows internally through all human beings. This is not to say only organic beings can use Ki; elemental creatures without a physical form can develop these abilities as well. A soul's true fusion with a material abode is all it takes to make use of Ki Abilities.

Some people explain physical energy as a source of living heat. That is why the undead- those who have lost their soul but remain in this world- exude an intense spiritual chill.

Even thous Ki is present in all living organisms not everyone is fully aware of it. Only those able to sense their own energy and awaken it can control these unbelievable abilities. By doing so, they are breaking the fine line between flesh and soul in order to employ spiritual powers while still inhabiting their bodies. The term "Dominion" derives from the ability these individuals possess to control their energy and utilize it to perform physical actions no other mortal could accomplish.

Martial Knowledge[]

Martial Knowledge(MK) indicates a character's ability to awaken Ki Dominion, MK points differ from Development Points in that a player can use them only toward acquiring Dominion knowledge- such as acquiring Ki Abilities and special Techniques. A player cannot buy additional Ki Points or Ki Accumulation with MK.

Character acquire MK points as they move up in level, according to MK progression listed under each class summary. Characters can also obtain MK with Martial Mastery Advantage, or by mastering some martial arts.

Ki Points and Accumulation[]

Ki Points measure a character's internal energy. The more Ki Points the character has, the greater the power he will have awakened. The amount of Ki Points a character possesses depends upon his Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Constitution, Power, and Will Characteristics scores. In order to calculate a character's Ki Points, analyze the score for each Characteristic point up to 10, and 2 Ki points for each Characteristic point over 10.

Ki Accumulation represents a subject's capacity for concentrating and using Ki Points at a higher speed. Its base by Characteristics.

A player can give his character more Ki Points and Ki Accumulation by spending DP(as opposed to MK). The cost for increasing these abilities varies according to character class. Each time a player spends the DP to obtain Ki Points, he need to choose which Characteristic he will add them to. Once assigned, a player can not change this distribution. A character recovers spent Ki at a rate of 1 point per hour for each Characteristic, or twice as much if the character is concentrating or meditating.

Characters can use as many Ki Points per turn as their Accumulation allows. They may concentrate ki from all their Characteristics or only from specific ones. However, if a single turn's Accumulation is not enough to perform the intended action, the character may keep the Ki Points he has gained and continue to gather points throughout the following turns.

Accumulating Ki is a Passive Action. When characters perform other Actions in the same round, they must reduce their Accumulation to half, rounding the number up. Characters may continue to Accumulate Ki over as many Combat Turns as they wish. However, if a character concentrating his Ki stops for one Turn, he must immediately use what he Accumulated or those points will instantly dissipate, returning to his Ki Point total, and he will have to start over if he wishes to Accumulate those points again.

A total Accumulation of over 20 Ki Points will render a character's aura visible and cause slight alterations in his surroundings(breezes, tiny earthquakes, and similar phenomena). According to legend, every living creature's aura has a different color, reflecting the uniqueness of its soul.