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Intellectual Abilities are those that depend on knowledge, wisdom, and reasoning.

  • Animals (Intelligence, Knowledge, Specialization)
    • The knowledge related to animals.
    • The ability to train and raise animals.
  • Appraisal (Intelligence, Knowledge)
    • The ability to evaluate the value of items, and the authenticity of artwork.
  • Herbal Lore (Intelligence, Knowledge)
    • The knowledge of plants and herbs, and their application as food or antidotes.
  • History (Intelligence, Knowledge, Specialization)
    • The knowledge of current and past history.
    • The knowledge of heraldry, insignias and politics.
    • The knowledge of legends and myths.
  • Magical Appraisal (Power, Knowledge, Passive)
    • The ability to judge and evaluate magical forces, and detect magic in objects, areas, and beings.
    • Only characters with the Gift (see Advantages) can develop this Ability.
  • Medicine (Intelligence, Knowledge)
    • The knowledge of human anatomy.
    • The ability to diagnose illness or injuries, and to prescribe treatment.
    • To treat a disease, the target number is triple the level of the Disease. If successful, the patient may immediately make a new Resistance check against the disease with a bonus equal to the amount you beat the target number with.
    • The ability to treat wounds.
      • The healer needs appropriate materials or suffer a -40 penalty to his check.
      • The healer needs to make the check within a few hours after the wounds were made.
      • The healer may apply this Ability to himself, but with a -20 penalty to his check.
      • The healer may stabilize dying creatures, putting their Life Points to 0. Such checks may be done once per hour.
      • To stop a being from Bleeding Out (see Between Life and Death), an Easy Medicine check must be made, but the check receives a -10 penalty per 5 Life Points lost to bleeding.
Final Ability Recovery
40 Stop Bleeding
80 Stabilize
120 +10% of Damage
160 + 20% Damage
200 + 30% Damage
240 + 40% Damage
280 + 50% Damage
320 + 60% Damage
  • Memorize (Intelligence)
    • The ability to retain information, memorize facts and faces.
  • Navigation (Intelligence, Knowledge)
    • The ability to navigate any type of boat or ship and to avoid accidents.
    • The ability to read maritime maps.
  • Occult (Intelligence, Knowledge, Specialization)
    • The knowledge of the supernatural fields.
    • At DM's discretion, the knowledge of Supernatural Creatures.
  • Science (Intelligence, Knowledge, Specialization)
    • The knowledge of a field of study.