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These abilities are related to the artistic or inventive capacity of a character.

  • Art (Power, Specialized)
    • This measures the expertise of an individual in fields of art.
  • Dance (Agility, Armor, Knowledge, Specialized)
    • This represents the ability to dance and learn new dances.
    • It also measure talent to develop dance shows.
  • Forging (Dexterity, Knowledge, Specialized)
    • This reflects the ability to forge metals and make tools from metal or other materials, such as wood or leather.
    • It also reflects the ability to repair forged items.
    • To create an item, consult the Equipment list to see what Difficulty you need to beat. For every 2 grades of Difficulty your result beats that number, the item gains a +5 to its quality. For every grade below the Difficulty, the item suffers a -5 to its quality. (See Equipment for bonuses of masterwork items, and for rare materials to work with). Forging an item generally takes a week time, but it can be done quicker or slower, with the following modifiers to the test.
Time Modifier
One hour -80
Two to four hours -40
One day -20
Two or three days -10
A week 0
Two weeks +10
One month +20
Two or three months +40
Six months +60
One year +80
Three or four years +100
About ten years +120
  • Music (Power, Knowledge, Specialized)
    • This allows a character to play musical instruments.
    • It also measures talent to compose musical pieces.
  • Sleight of Hand (Dexterity, Specialized)
    • This allows a character to perform juggling tricks or prestidigitation.
    • This ability can be opposed by Notice checks.