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  • Modifiers to Combat Abilities

When making a character, he is assumed to have learned to use one weapon, or to fight unarmed. He is also assumed to have developed either his Block or Dodge ability.

If he uses another weapon than the one he is trained with, he suffers a penalty, according to the link between his primary weapon and the one he uses. Similar Class weapons are weapons of the same class. Mixed Class weapons are weapons that is of more than one class; if the character's primary weapon or the chosen weapon is a mixed class weapon, and the primary weapon and chosen weapon share at least one of the classes, he applies the Mixed Class penalty.

When a character trains in Block (or Dodge), but has to Dodge (or Block) an attack, he may use his Block (or Dodge) ability with a -60 penalty. Also, it uses another Statistic so that needs to be taken into consideration.

Type Penalty
Similar Weapon -20
Mixed Class Weapons -40
Different Class / Unarmed -60
Blocking and Dodging -60

An Acrobatic Warrior chooses to dual wield a Dagger and a Foil. The dagger will be his primary weapon. He looks at the type of both weapons. The dagger is a Short Arm weapon and the foil is both a Short Arm and a Sword weapon, a Mixed Class. Since they share one type, he applies the Mixed Class weapon penalty to his Attack ability with the foil.

That same Acrobatic Warrior uses the Dodge ability primarily but gets pushed into a corner by a scythe-wielding enemy. The Game Master informs he he does not have space to dodge and weave, so he decides to Block the attacks instead. He suffers a -60 to his Dodge ability to block the scythe, and has to use his Dexterity instead of his Agility.

Weapon Modules may be purchased to eliminate some of these penalties, to learn certain styles of combat, or to represent him being trained as a certain 'class' of fighter, such as a duelist, or a pirate.

Lastly, Martial Arts are Modules that can be bought by any fighter that will employ his unarmed combat, his body, to deliver attacks. Every Martial Arts costs 50 DP, or 25 for the first, if the character's primary weapon is Unarmed. The bonuses to the Primary Abilities are considered innate class bonuses, so they cannot exceed +50 in addition to the bonuses gained by the character's class. A character can only learn one Martial Arts type per 40 points he has in Attack and Defense combined, and many Martial Arts have certain prerequisites before they can be taken. Martial Arts also act as a source of Martial Knowledge (MK; See Ki Dominion), which are combined with the Martial Knowledge a character gains every level.