Anima RPG - Beyond Fantasy Wiki

Every Class determines several statistics:

  • Archetype and Tertiary Statistics
    • Archetype
    • Life Point Multiple : this is how many DP you must spend to add your Constitution Score to your Life Points
    • Life Points : This is the number of Life Points you gain each level in that class.
    • Initiative : That is the bonus to your base Initiative score you gain with each level in that class.
    • Martial Knowledge : That is the number of MK points you gain with each level in that class. To see what you can do with MK points, see Ki Dominion.
    • Innate Psychic Points : How many levels it takes in that class for you to gain 1 PP. To see what you can do with Innate Psychic Points, see Psychic Disciplines.
  • Primary Ability Costs : this lists the percentage of your total DP you can spend in each of your Primary Abilities. It also notes how much a certain ability costs (from 1 to 3 DP per point).
    • +1 Ki : How many DP you must spend to gain 1 Ki point, which you can add to any Ki Pool (see Ki Dominion).
    • Accumulation Multiple : DP needed to add a +1 to the Accumulation of one type of Ki (see Ki Dominion).
    • MA Multiple : DP needed to increase your MA by itself. If your base MA is 20, you add 20 every time you pay the listed DP cost. (See Magic)
    • Psychic Points : DP cost to buy 1 Innate Psychic Point. (See Psychic Disciplines).
  • Secondary Ability Costs : This lists the cost of Secondary Abilities for that class, listed per group (from 1 to 3 DP per point).
  • Reduced Costs : This lists Secondary Abilities that are exceptions to the rule in their field. For instance, a Warrior pays 2 DP per point in any skill in the Vigor group, but only 1 DP per point in Feats of Strength.
  • Innate Class Bonuses : This lists a bonus you gain to Primary and Secondary Abilities when gaining a level in that class, including first level. In the case of Attack, Block, and Dodge, you cannot gain more that a +50 Innate Class Bonus, even if you gain them from multiple classes.