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Life Points

The total Life Points a character has represent his ability to take blows, and shrug off the damage inflicted by blows.

Damage and Death

When a character is hit by an attack, he will most often receive damage. While some damage may not kill a character, a lot of it will surely do so. To die from damage, whether it is taken in one big blow or in several small cuts, a character needs to reach negative Life Points equal to 5 times his Constitution Statistic.

When a character receives a critical hit (his Life Points are halved in one blow) he starts bleeding out, losing 1 LP per minute until a Medicine test is made to stop the bleeding. Depending on the attack and the wound, the Game Master may judge that some bleeding stops automatically.

When a character reaches negative Life Points, he enters the state called Between Life and Death. He then must make a Physical Resistance check of 120 Difficulty to stabilize. Failure results in the loss of 1 LP, and failure by more than 60 means the character instantly dies. Success means his Life Points reset to 0 and he recovers consciousness. He will suffer a -60 All Action Penalty, however, which fades at a rate of 5 points per day, or quicker, dependent on Regeneration Rate (see below).

Upon Death, the character's soul will stay in this world for an amount of hours equal to his Power score, most often at the place of death, or near the body. After that time, his soul moves to the Great Beyond, never to return.


A character's Constitution determines his Regeneration Rate, which determines natural healing, the reduction of Penalties after stabilizing, and special effects from high Regeneration Rates. Resting characters need to pass the day moving as little as possible, and receive care to, otherwise they halve their Life Recovery.

Healing rates are multiplied by five for creatures with Damage Reduction.

Constitution Regeneration
1 to 2 None
3 to 7 1
8 to 9 2
10 3
11 4
12 5
13 6
14 7
15 8
16 9
17 10
18 11
19 or 20 12
Reg. Life Recovery Reduction
1 10 per day -5 per day
2 20 per day -5 per day
3 30 per day -5 per day
4 40 per day -10 per day
5 50 per day -10 per day
6 75 per day -15 per day
7 100 per day -20 per day
8 250 per day -25 per day
9 500 per day -30 per day
10 1 per minute -40 per day
11 2 per minute -50 per day
12 5 per minute - 5 per hour
13 10 per minute -10 per hour
14 1 per turn -15 per hour
15 5 per turn -20 per hour
16 10 per turn -10 per minute
17 25 per turn -10 per turn
18 50 per turn -25 per turn
19 100 per turn All each turn
20 250 per turn All each turn
Regeneration Special Effects
5 No scars
6 No Bleeding Out
7 Cleanly amputated limbs can be reattached (1 week)
8 As above but 5 days

As above but 3 days; Stabilize automatically.

10 As above but 1 day.
11 Amputated limbs can be reattached (1 week)
12 As above but 3 days
13 As above but 1 day
14 As above but in hours.
15 As above, but in one turn. Amputated limbs regrow (1 week)
16 As above, but three days.
17 As above, but in a few hours.
18 As above, but in a few Turns
19 As above, but in one turn.
20 Physical Criticals are annuled.