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Athletics abilities are based on a character's mobility, balance, and agility.

  • Acrobatics (Agility, Armor)
    • Helps you perform tasks that require balance and mobility.
    • Try to negate damage from a fall. The fall is treated as an fixed difficulty attack (using Impact) against which Acrobatics may be rolled. The Final Attack Score is dependant on the distance of the fall. If succesfull, the fall deals no damage at all. If unsuccessful, the difference between the Attack total of the fall and the Acrobatics roll is the result applied to the Combat Table (see Combat). Armor against Impact damage is applied as usual.
An Acrobat slips from a tight rope and falls 30 feet to the ground below. To fall safely, he needs to make a Difficult Acrobatics check (120 needed). He has a +35 bonus from his Secondary Ability. He needs a die roll of 85 or higher to negate any damage, but rolls a 34, bringing his total to 69. The player consults the Damage Table with an Attack roll success of 51 (120- 69). Since he wears no armor at all, he takes 50% of the 60 Impact damage of the fall. He suffers 30 point of damage.
  • Athleticism (Agility, Armor)
    • This is the ability to push oneself to their physical limits, or to skillfully perform athletic feats in adverse conditions. It also measure how good one can distribute their energies to endure more and longer.
  • Climb (Agility, Armor)
    • You use Climb checks to see how well, and how fast you climb a wall. The Difficulty depends on the wall and the presence of handholds. Climb Speed is a quarter of your regular Speed (including Armor penalties) plus 1 per Difficulty level reached above the required difficulty.
    • Special : Climbing Gear may add a +40 bonus to Climb checks.
A Warrior with Movement Speed 8 wants to climb a tree to overlook the region. The Game Master sets the Difficulty to Very Difficult because the rain has made the tree very slippery (target number 140). The Warrior has a base ability of +75 and has climbing gear, bringing his total to +115. He rolls a 69, bringing his total to 184, an Absurd result. He not only succeeds at the climb, he also climbs faster than usual (2 climb speed + 1 from the Absurd result).
  • Jump (Strength, Armor)
    • This permits characters to jump vertically or horizontally, depending on their Movement Value. A character can jump one fifth the distance of his Movement Speed, if he gets a running start.
    • Jump can be used in place of Acrobatics to negate damage from a fall but only if you can prepare before the fall (in other words, you jump instead of falling by accident). The Diffulty is one level higher than when using Acrobatics.
Final Ability Movement Bonus
120 +1
160 +1
200 +2
240 +2
280 +3
320 +4
440 +5
  • Ride (Agility, Armor)
    • The ability to ride animals.
  • Swim (Agility, Armor)
    • The ability to travers bodies of water.
    • No matter how high a character's Wear Armor Ability gets, the Armor penalties to Swim are never negated.