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Archetypes are groups of Classes, put together through common concepts. Having a class does not mean your profession is the same. A Thief class does not necessarily be a thief, he just has a specific skill set linked to thievery and stealth, but may use them as a bountyhunter as well, for instance.

  • Domine : Individuals who specialize in the unlocking and use of their spiritual abilities.
  • Fighter : These archetypes specialize in the use of weapons and unarmed combat.
  • Mystic : Mystics all deal with the Supernatural realm. They can summon creatures or bend reality with spells.
  • Prowler : Individuals that use subterfuge and wit to accomplish their goals, preffering to avoid confrontation.
  • Psychic : These people are gifted with psychic powers and seek to perfect the psychic arts.
  • Novel : This is a large group of people that do not specialize into anything specific, but take up abilities as they need them during their career. Most NPCs are Novel characters, such as Innkeepers or Scholars.