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This martial art enables a practitioner to defend himself against attacks using the enemy's own strength against him. Its philosophy is that the adversary's own violence is the only thing that will defeat them.

Advantages : Damage 10 plus Strength modifier. When a counter attack is performed, twice the opponent's strength bonus (minimum +5) is also added. These attacks occurs on the Blunt table. Additionally, there are no penalties to the Trapping maneuver during a counterattack.

Requirements : Sleight of Hand 40

Martial Knowledge : +10

Bonus : +10 to Dodge or Block (Unarmed)

Aikido (Dominus Exxet):[]

The martial art known as Aikido is an ancient combat system invented in the outskirts of Kuon Teikoku. According to certain oriental tales, its birth was due to the inability of men to deal with inhumanly strong creatures. In response to that problem, several masters developed a style that allowed a practitioner to take advantage of an opponent’s strength and use it in his own favor. Akin to this legend, Aikido allows one to defend himself from attacks by using the power of his antagonists against them. With a few movements, practitioners of Aikido can easily hold or break the arms and legs of their enemies, send their enemies flying through the air, or render their enemies’ limbs completely unusable. The basis of the philosophy of this particular combat style is that a person’s own violence, properly harnessed, is more than sufficient to neutralize that person.[1]

Base Degree: []

Advantages: None.

Damage: 10 plus the strength bonus of the user. During Counterattacks, double the strength bonus of the opponent is added (Minimum +5). Only applies to humans or those humanoid in form. Impact attack type.

Requirements: Sleight of Hand 20

Martial Knowledge: None.

Bonus: None.

Advanced Degree:[]

Advantages: No penalties to trapping/takedowns during counterattack.

Damage: As base degree.

Requirements: Sleight of Hand 40, Attack Ability (Unarmed) 100, Defense Ability (Unarmed) 120

Martial Knowledge: +10 MK

Bonus: +10 to Dodge and Block

Supreme Degree:[]

Advantages: +2 opposed characteristics during trapping/takedowns while preforming a counterattack.

Damage: As base degree, except that instead of double the enemies strength being added to damage, quadruple the strength of the enemies strength is added to the damage. If used in combination with another style, Aikido can add the opponents strength to the base damage of the desired martial art.

Requirements: Sleight of Hand 80, Master in Defense (Unarmed)

Martial Knowledge: +10 MK

Bonus: +10 Dodge and Block (Unarmed)

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