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The final step before you get to play your character is to spend Creation Points on Advantages and Disadvantages. You get 3 Creation Points to buy Advantages with, and you can gain extra Creation Points by choosing Disadvantages that grant you CP.

Some Advantages have variable costs, which means you can buy them as a weaker advantage or a stronger advantage. Similarly, there are Disadvantages that you can take as a weaker variant, but it will deliver less CP in that way.

Note that some Advantages are necessary to play certain characters.

  • The Gift : You need this Advantage to gain access to Supernatural Powers (see Magic)
  • Access to One Psychic Discipline and Free Access to Any Psychic Discipline to gain access to Psychic Powers (see Psychic Disciplines)

Also, some Advantages cannot be taken by all characters.

  • Psychic Advantages are only available to Psychic Archetypes.
  • Magic Advantages are only available to Mystic Archetypes.

The Game Master is the final arbiter on whether or not a certain Advantage can be taken. Unless noted otherwise, an Advantage cannot be taken more than once.

Common Advantages

Magic Advantages

Psychic Advantages